DSBA Degree Course Map

Core Requirements (21 Credit Hours)

DSBA 6100  Big Data Analytics for Competitive Advantage
DSBA 6160  Database Systems
DSBA 6201  Business Intelligence and Analytics
DSBA 5122  Visual Analytics
DSBA 6156  Machine Learning
DSBA 6211  Advanced Business Analytics
DSBA 6276  Consumer Analytics

Electives (9 Credit Hours)
‚ÄčStudents choose 3 courses with at least one from each concentration.*

Data Science Electives

Business Analytics Electives

 DSBA 5121 Information Visualization
DSBA 6112 Graduate Econometrics 
DSBA 5510 Web Mining
DSBA 6122 Decision Modeling & Analysis 
DSBA 6155 Knowledge Based Systems
DSBA 6207 Project Management 
DSBA 6162 Knowledge Discovery in Databases  DSBA 6208 Supply Chain Management 
DSBA 6190 Cloud Computing Data Analysis 
DSBA 6277 Social Media Mkting & Analy
DSBA 6500 Complex Adaptive Systems 
DSBA 6278 Innovation Analytics
DSBA 6520 Network Science
DSBA 6212 Enterprise Systems
DSBA 6115 Stat Learning with Big Data
DSBA 6213 Applied Healthcare Business Analytics
DSBA 6530 System Dynamics
DSBA 6600 Geospatial Analytics

Internship Requirement (3 Credit Hours)

DSBA 6400 Internship

*Student-Structured Electives Option
Students may propose a three-course specialization (9 credit hours) in a significant area of interest for approval by the Faculty Director of the DSBA Program. In addition to the courses listed in the Data Science and Business Analytics specializations listed above, this specialization may include graduate courses from Computer Science, Information Technology, Business Administration, Applied Statistics,  Mathematical Finance, Economics, and other programs or Departments within the University with the approval of the related Department.